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Abel XIV

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PostSubject: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10, 2012 5:44 pm

[23:37:43] @ Ember : aaand now theres a boy band song stuck in my head
[23:38:14] @ Abel XIV : Lol
[23:38:28] @ Abel XIV : Fight back Sweetie XD!
[23:38:36] @ Ember : xD
[23:38:50] @ Ember : i shall listen to disturbed to drown hem out!
[23:39:19] @ Abel XIV : That reminds me of a phrase...
[23:39:40] @ Abel XIV : "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my squishy"
[23:40:28] @ Ember : XDDD
[23:40:48] @ Ember : im gunna run up and hug my dad and say that
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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2012 12:58 am

[23:27:39] @ Leonard : (NOTHING CAN STOP FROM GOING TO A MALL!)
[23:27:51] @ Gildemeir : (XDD)
[23:28:29] @ Meagan : (OMG now have Gild fly in and land on Scorpious and squish him XD)
[23:29:43] * Najwa looked outside, burger in his mouth. That weird fight was still going on, and he still couldn't really do much. So, he ordered a large french fry and another coffee. He could at least try something. After the shaken worker handed over the food, Najwa walked outside, and began tossing french fries at the giant scorpian, watching them bounce off the barrier. "Good gods, man, nobody gives a shit about your conflict. Now, could you two like, pause for ONE DAMN MINUTE SO THAT I CAN GO TO WORK? I'm an honest person, and in this economy, it's really hard to maintain a good job, SO I REALLY DON'T WANT TO BE LATE! Thank you for listening to my inquiry."
[23:29:49] @ Gildemeir : (Now where would be the fun in that?) XD)
[23:30:10] * Meagan hugs Leo and presses her small body close to his. "Thanks Leo...I was really scared"
[23:31:43] @ Meagan : (*pisses herself laughing*)
[23:32:35] * Leonard 's face turn bright red as Star pressed herself to him. In response, he hugged back "That... well.... no problem... I'm so glad you're safe now." Takes her to the fastfood store in the mall.
[23:33:03] @ Gildemeir : *Scorpious looked down at the loudmouth human trying to order him around, how insolent could one person be? "You dare order me around you filthy vermin!" Scorpious claws glows as he speeds towards Najwa at blinding speed, but seconds from wopping off his head, his claws are parried by Zachary blade. "I told you this is between you and me! And you, the barrier was only momentary you can leave anytime you please...and...I suggest...NOW WOULD BE C
[23:33:12] @ Gildemeir : GOOD!!
[23:33:25] @ Gildemeir : (Sorry, finger slipped)
[23:33:34] @ Najwa : (It's okay.)
[23:36:09] * Najwa annoyed, looked up at the monster that the half naked person was fighting, and sighed as he'd put himself in a bad position just to defend him as he'd made quite a harsh comment to the easily offended insect man. Working fast, he dumped what was left of his coffee on the claws of the monster that had tried to end his life, nodded at the odd fighter, and ran as fast as his thin legs would carry him from the skirmish. He had to think of something, and fast.
[23:36:49] * Meagan smiles a little at Leo and kisses his cheek. "I already ate Leo. well mostly." She laughs and brushes some hair from his face
[23:38:42] @ Gildemeir : *The two fighters continue their battle, buildings, cars and other objects are turned to rubble. Zachary slashes diagonally with his blade while he kicks at Scorpious head with his left leg, hoping to catch the monster by surprise
[23:40:54] @ Najwa : (Is Leo going to post, or did the kiss on the cheek kill him?)
[23:41:19] @ Meagan : (it may have xD)
[23:41:23] @ Gildemeir : (The kiss of death....oh well there are worse ways to go. XD)
[23:41:28] @ Leonard : )
[23:41:36] @ Leonard : (SorrY0
[23:41:41] @ Leonard : (Anyway...)
[23:41:41] @ Gildemeir : 9Speak of the devil)
[23:42:45] * Leonard Leonard smiled at Star as she kissed him on the cheek. "Well.... um... uh..... what.... would you like to do?"
[23:43:46] @ Meagan : (i think this rp kinda fell apart xD its like 3 genres in one lol)
[23:44:00] @ Leonard : (that's why it's awesome)
[23:45:33] @ Gildemeir : *The lucky strike to the head was all Zachary needed to end this quickly, while Scorpious was momentarily stunned, Zachary charged up for one last attack. He then pointed the end of his blade at the creature and unleashed a huge blast of lightning which sent Scorpious flying over the horizon.
[23:45:53] @ Gildemeir : (Whoops, typed it too soon XD)
[23:46:02] @ Leonard : (they're blasting off again)
[23:47:13] @ Meagan : (Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!)
[23:47:59] * Najwa was on his way back, returning as fast as he could. Not that he really cared all that much, but he'd found the bus. Of course, the bus driver and passengers weren't exactly pleased to have the vehicle stolen by a teen, but they quickly surrendered when he pointed to the giant monster not far away. Unfortunately, by the time Najwa returned, he'd managed to find nothing but the half naked kid, a bunch of destroyed buildings, and the McDonalds. "Darn, late again. What a waste."
[23:49:01] @ Meagan : (THATS WHAT HE SAID!!)
[23:49:21] @ Leonard : BRB
[23:49:27] @ Meagan : k
[23:51:16] @ Meagan : (*falls asleep then jolts awake* im awake!)
[23:51:46] @ Gildemeir : *Confident that Scorpious wouldn't be coming back anytime soon, he decided that perhaps it was best to leave since he'd already revealed his powers to the populace. "This wasn't supposed to happen. Best I leave before anyone gets too nosey." Zachary said as he sheathed his sword.
[23:54:15] @ Najwa : (Do I post then?)
[23:54:30] @ Meagan : (im sorry guys i tried to stay as long as possible but evertime i blink i fall asleep a littlr)
[23:55:14] @ Gildemeir : (We need someway to save this so we'll know where we were....otherwise what would be the point? XD)
[23:56:15] @ Meagan : copy and paste the chat into a topic in free talk
[23:56:26] @ Najwa : Ahaha, that good, eh?
[23:57:10] @ Meagan : *passes out*
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Abel XIV

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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2012 9:13 pm


Last edited by Abel XIV on Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:17 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Abel XIV

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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2012 9:15 pm

Blowin' in the wind...:
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Abel XIV

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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 17, 2012 7:47 pm

Peter Pan:
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Abel XIV

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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 20, 2012 10:20 pm

moonknight123 (21/10/12 3:43:17 AM): Roart.
moonknight123 (21/10/12 3:43:20 AM): Roar*
moonknight123 (21/10/12 3:43:38 AM): Lets make this quick, I've got little time.
moonknight123 (21/10/12 3:44:38 AM): ABEL.
moonknight123 (21/10/12 3:44:42 AM): *POKE*
abelmistral (3:45:04 AM): Gah
moonknight123 (3:45:07 AM): XD
moonknight123 (3:45:31 AM): chick on the left is what she looks like, friend made that model.
abelmistral (3:45:31 AM): Sorry moon
moonknight123 (3:45:39 AM): IGNORE THE COMMENTS OR I WIL KILL YOU.
moonknight123 (3:45:42 AM): *Cough*
moonknight123 (3:45:44 AM): Sorry
moonknight123 (3:45:50 AM): Little defensive about that image...<.<
abelmistral (3:46:01 AM): ...
moonknight123 (3:46:07 AM): ^^;
moonknight123 (3:46:12 AM): It was a veyr wild rp...
abelmistral (3:46:13 AM): *Goes to read the comments*
moonknight123 (3:46:13 AM): very*
moonknight123 (3:46:16 AM): .....
moonknight123 (3:46:20 AM): *Murders you*
moonknight123 (3:46:21 AM): ABEL DON'T.
moonknight123 (3:46:23 AM): Please.
moonknight123 (3:46:40 AM): Don't laugh..>.<
moonknight123 (3:46:47 AM): I was high on that day
moonknight123 (3:46:50 AM): Really high...^^;
abelmistral (3:46:53 AM): Don't worry
moonknight123 (3:46:55 AM): Well HYPER.
moonknight123 (3:47:03 AM): And I do stupid shit when I'm hyper..^^;
abelmistral (3:47:03 AM): I'm high all the time
moonknight123 (3:47:07 AM): ^^;
abelmistral (3:47:14 AM): ANd I mean high, no hyper
abelmistral (3:47:21 AM): High on life that is
moonknight123 (3:47:23 AM): XD
abelmistral (3:47:31 AM): Being alive is the only drug I need
moonknight123 (3:47:38 AM): ^
moonknight123 (3:47:43 AM): Well, that is what she looks like.
moonknight123 (3:47:49 AM): Shall we start then dood?
abelmistral (3:48:28 AM): Alright
abelmistral (3:48:39 AM): Yet, how can I turn off this annoying beep
moonknight123 (3:48:43 AM): *Turns to human form and opens a portal* ladies first.
abelmistral (3:48:43 AM): ?*
moonknight123 (3:48:46 AM): I have no idea..^^;
moonknight123 (3:48:52 AM): Try muting your laptop XD
abelmistral (3:49:00 AM): That is an answer I do not posses
moonknight123 (3:49:17 AM): After you Abel, get ya damn ass through the portal.
abelmistral (3:49:20 AM): Yet, I will suffer then the disgrace of privation of music
abelmistral (3:49:29 AM): *Gets through the portal*
abelmistral (3:49:52 AM): I shall endure this beet, that will test my temperance and will to sacrifice
moonknight123 (3:49:57 AM): *Follows after and we find ourselves at a beach with golden sand*
abelmistral (3:50:03 AM): Yeah, sometimes I get like this
moonknight123 (3:50:14 AM): XD
abelmistral (3:50:15 AM):

moonknight123 (3:50:28 AM): Zena*Runs out and glomps Andrew* DADDY!
abelmistral (3:50:34 AM): *Has turned the beep off*
moonknight123 (3:51:17 AM): Hello Zena.....Abel, this is my sorta daughter...^^;
moonknight123 (3:52:14 AM): ((This is very weird)
moonknight123 (3:52:21 AM): ((I don't feel right doing this.....))
abelmistral (3:52:21 AM): *Sinisterly observes as he sits on a tree branch imitating an owl, he even attempts to catch a mouse, falling from the branch and falling on his face* <---- Wasn't sure on how I was supposed to behave, thus, I chose the most normal option
moonknight123 (3:52:42 AM): Zena*Looks at Abel* huh? whis this dood...
moonknight123 (3:52:46 AM): Whos this daddy?*
abelmistral (3:52:47 AM): Landing on his face*
moonknight123 (3:52:59 AM): Meh, this is a weirdo albino called Abel XD say hai.
abelmistral (3:53:02 AM): SHUDDUP!!
moonknight123 (3:53:04 AM): ((UH))
moonknight123 (3:53:08 AM): ((DRAGN)
abelmistral (3:53:14 AM): I will introduce myself!!
moonknight123 (3:53:30 AM): Zena: Okay! my names is Zena and this is my daddy! *hugs Andrew again*
moonknight123 (3:53:42 AM): Andrew: Hahaha ^^; *nervous sweatdrop*..^^;
abelmistral (3:53:55 AM): Hello girl, my name is ABel and it has been 5 min since I last had either drugs or alcohol. A new personal record :3
moonknight123 (3:53:55 AM): ((Been ages since I rped her...sorry, kinda rusty))
abelmistral (3:54:08 AM):
No worries lol XD

moonknight123 (3:54:33 AM): Zena:YAY! new record! ^^ *glomps Abel*
moonknight123 (3:54:42 AM): Andrew: Awwwww ^^;
abelmistral (3:55:43 AM): *Snorts cocaine as he is glomped, falling to the floor along with her*, be careful girl!, Or else I could break!
moonknight123 (3:56:07 AM): Zena: Ahh!! *falls on top of Abel and gets up*
abelmistral (3:56:11 AM): And I really mean it! *Pulls his left arm off*, See?
moonknight123 (3:56:19 AM): Me: Did you just do drugs around my daughter?.........
moonknight123 (3:56:35 AM): Zena:...*Stares*.....AHH!! >.< *Hides behind me* hes scary!!!!!
abelmistral (3:56:53 AM): No... It was just... Fairy dust to fly to Neverland
moonknight123 (3:57:10 AM): Me*Grabs sword handle and glares at Abel*.............
moonknight123 (3:57:25 AM): Zena; Hes scary!!!!! *hides more hidey like*
moonknight123 (3:57:41 AM): Me:..........*cracks knuckles*
abelmistral (3:57:43 AM): *Throws some white dust at Moon and Zena* Think happy possitive thing now!
moonknight123 (3:58:09 AM): Me*Wacks the dust away then draws sword and holds it to Abels neck* Zena, go play in the sea.
abelmistral (3:58:11 AM): *Throws some at himself... And rockets upwards, flying sky high*
moonknight123 (3:58:15 AM): Zena: Okay dady!
moonknight123 (3:58:35 AM): Andrew*Grabs Abels leg and slams him into the ground then stands on him*........
abelmistral (3:58:45 AM): *Collides with the sun alongside Andrew, that is pulled with him*
moonknight123 (3:58:48 AM): Zena*Jumps into the water*
moonknight123 (3:58:58 AM): ..................
moonknight123 (3:59:08 AM): Andrew: Da fuck?........
moonknight123 (3:59:21 AM): Andrew*Makes us stay on the ground with negativeness*
moonknight123 (3:59:37 AM): Andrew: threw drugs at my daughter.......................*glares at you*
abelmistral (3:59:49 AM): *His thoughts are much more powerful than his negative thoughts*
moonknight123 (4:00:07 AM): *Negative ness is more powerful because its screwing the rp up* -.-
abelmistral (4:00:14 AM): XD
moonknight123 (4:00:21 AM): This is failing.
abelmistral (4:00:22 AM): What happened to respawning?
moonknight123 (4:00:24 AM): SO BADLY.
moonknight123 (4:00:32 AM): Can we do this later?
abelmistral (4:00:36 AM):
Yet, it is incredibly amusing
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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 1:28 pm

Apparently Kuya isn't a good leader...

i need two more people for country leaders on my site
13:13stephen morrison: I'd do it but I suck :p
13:13Me: nuh uh!
13:13stephen morrison: yes i do
13:13Me: how do you know?
13:14stephen morrison: Cause I've tried before 0_0
13:14Me: you have?
13:14kotaro7914: to run a country, yes
13:15stephen morrison: the police confiscated my AK-47 >.>
13:16Me: wait what? that kinda thing doesnt happen usually in rping
13:17stephen morrison: ....yeah...RP'ing.....>.>
13:17Me: is this a dream you had or something real or something? XD
13:17stephen morrison: ....Lets go with dream. >.>
13:17Me: STEPHEN!
13:18Me: ........
thats a bit different
13:18stephen morrison: I my dream >.>
13:18Me: but still
/me is soooo quoting this
13:19stephen morrison: what?Where? 0_0
13:19Me: on my site
13:20stephen morrison: But my plans!!!!....for....dreaming..... >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 12:07 am

I'm too lazy to take out the irrelevant stuff. Also, nsfw.

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PostSubject: Re: Official CB Quotes   Official CB Quotes I_icon_minitime

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Official CB Quotes
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